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A Step-by-Step Guide to a Zoom Meeting – Seniors Guide

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Sep 29,  · Due to Covid, video meetings and conferences have become the new normal. For some people during this pandemic, video chats are the only way they can have. Dec 15,  · How to schedule your first meeting. Sign in to your Zoom web portal. Click Meetings. Click Schedule a Meeting. Choose the date and time for your meeting. (Optional) Select any other settings you would like to use. Click Save. Feb 26,  · Zoom’s best practices. Double-check meeting default settings. Test your audio and video as you join. Use a USB-connected headset. Mute your microphone when not speaking. Position your webcam properly. If hosting, connect from a large screen. For best results, use the app and not a browser. Use a Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.


UW–Madison Zoom Tips & Training – UW–⁠Madison Information Technology.


In a physical classroom, participants share the expectation that people in the classroom are not being recorded. In virtual classrooms, this same expectation exists, and because it is not obvious when a meeting is being recorded, we require hosts to opt in to recorded meetings.

In the meantime, consider the following options to keep your meetings and classes secure. The default settings for UW—Madison Zoom are set up for a classroom experience. Take time to explore changing the security settings before a meeting or a job interview, for example, if using Zoom for a non-classroom use. UW—Madison Default Settings.

The waiting room feature allows the host to control when participants join the meeting. As host, you can admit attendees one-by-one, or hold all attendees in the waiting room and admit them all at once.

Learn more about waiting rooms. In addition to our system-wide security defaults, you have some additional options to fortify your meeting security. Health Energy Environment. YouTube Instagram Adobe. Kickstarter Tumblr Art Club. Film TV Games. Fortnite Game of Thrones Books. Comics Music. Filed under: How-to Reviews Tech. Linkedin Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. How to register for Zoom The first thing to do, of course, is to register for the service.

You might first be asked to enter your date of birth. Even though Zoom asks for a work email, a personal email should work fine. If you entered an email, Zoom will send an activation email to that address.

You can skip this step if you want. For these reasons, it is best to choose muted solid colors such as these, that complement your skin tone and help you pop on camera. Succeeding in a video interview will sound and feel a lot like succeeding in an in-person interview: in both cases, success looks like being offered the position.

But how do you ensure video interview success? To put your best virtual foot forward during your next video interview, follow these 5 key tips. Your upcoming video interview will be just as rigorous as your past in-person interviews, so your preparation should reflect that. Before your interview, take the time to thoroughly research:. Additionally, remember to prepare your own questions to ask the interviewer when they turn to you. The biggest roadblock facing your Zoom interview is a technical difficulty.

It would be a major disruption if your microphone or webcam glitched in the middle of your virtual meeting. So, in the days leading up to your video interview be sure to familiarize yourself with the software you will use for the interview—many of the top video conferencing platforms offer free trial runs or tutorials—and test the audio settings on your microphone, the camera settings on your computer, and your internet connection so that you have a technologically seamless video interview.

Pro tip: If your Internet connection is unstable, download the Zoom app on your smartphone and use your data connection to attend the interview. Test out your framing and position your phone with your head and shoulders in the frame.

When utilizing video conferencing technology, sometimes there are audio delays between meeting attendees. To prevent an audio delay from derailing your interview, speak slowly and with clear enunciation when it is your turn to answer questions or address your interviewer.

Share Tweet Share Pin. Choosing the right device? Which device is most Zoom-friendly? Desktop or laptop with Zoom app Tablet with Zoom app Phone with Zoom app Chromebook or web browser usually not recommended. Download the Zoom App here? This will give you the best experience compared to using the browser, a tablet or a smartphone. How do I update my Zoom App? How do I know if I have the most up-to-date version of Zoom?

Option A: Click the Meeting link to join? Click on the Meeting link and you will see either:. Enter the meeting ID — which hopefully you received, along with the meeting link, in an email or calendar invite from the meeting host. You can also enter your name here.

You will either be prompted to enter the meeting passcode hopefully also provided in that same email. Once entered, you will be taken right into the meeting. Can I call in by phone? Connect your Microphone and Audio? Do this by toggling the button in the lower left of your screen. Connect your Webcam and Video? Next up. In addition to your name, you can also add pronouns and your location here. Good job staying engaged and connected! To send a private message : Click the blue drop-down menu again and click on the name of the person you are sending the message to.

Raise Hand? Leave Meeting? When a presenter is sharing slides? How the heck am I supposed to read this detailed slide?! Speaker View vs. Gallery View? Hey, where did everybody go?! Usually, the presenter, or someone who is asking a question, occupies most of the screen, while everyone else appears in small thumbnail windows, along the top.

If you are ancient enough to get that reference! When engaging in a fun activity with the entire group, this is definitely the view of choice, so you can see everyone! What is a Breakout Room?

Think of it like a house party. How do I join a Breakout Room? How to choose my own Breakout Room? Clicking this button reveals a list of all of the rooms available , as well as WHO is in them. The number on the right-hand side tells you how many people are in each room.