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Zoom h4 vs h5 vs h6 – none: –

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Remember Me? The No. Today’s Posts competitions support us FAQ advertise our advertisers newsletter. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Page 2 of 2. Had original H4. Still functional though only occasionally used. Bought the H6 maybe 6 months ago, primarily because even for a hand held stand mounted увидеть больше I frequently find a need for at least 3 simultaneous tracks.

I can neither praise it nor unambiguously recommend it for professional. It is one of those things that for the price has value.

The very thing I was hoping to accomplish the H6 is, for me, at the moment zoom h4 vs h5 vs h6 – none: possible that is 3 not Zoom mics, via not zoom pres. But for anything like interviews, slightly better audio then what’s native for my DSL camera, etc. Display is large enough to be useful. I find it much zoom h4 vs h5 vs h6 – none: to navigate menu options then with H4.

But that’s very subjective. Spiral Dragon. Question: How does the H6 fair as an audio interface? Would it do as good for 2-channel home studio recording as the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2? Top Mentioned Manufacturers. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn. Subscribe to our mailing lists.

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Zoom h4 vs h5 vs h6 – none:


For example if I record a guitar part and then I want to go back and record a fiddle solo on a separate track, can I do that? Can I redo several takes and have them all saved so that I can choose the best one later? From what you wrote, if I record the guitar part on the first XLR input, then I want to record a fiddle solo with the same mic, I’d have to unplug it and plug it into the second XLR input??

What about using the built-in mics? Can I record the guitar part with the built-in mics and then go back and record a fiddle track on a separate track using the built-in microphones? Thanks, Michael. My apologies. I have the H6 and have not used an H5 at all. I incorrectly assumed they were similar in their overdub capabilities. According to the H5 manual this is not the case for the H5. Thanks for the correction, which is good news for me. I’m surprised this feature isn’t available on the H6, but I’m glad it’s available on the H5.

Could someone confirm that H5 has better overdub capabilities than zoom H6? I recently bought H6 and still can return it. I can confirm that H6 can overdub only to different track from specific input and there is no track Bouncing like in H4n, also You cannot move tracks.

In H5 is it similar or maybe its more like in H4n? Maybe someone knows other portable recorders with built-in mics with H4n-like overdub capabilities and probably some better preamps? Hi, did you ever find the answer to your question? I still haven’t purchased a recorder so I’m interested in the H5’s overdubbing capabilities. Patrick Moran. Purely for Podcasting purposes, is there enough of a difference in quality of Preamps for the H5 than the H4N to be worth the extra money?

I know the dials are better than the H4N for sure, but that kinda feels like a convenience thing if I’m sitting home podcasting.

Anyway, I guess the one thing I don’t know about that I’m asking the board is how much better the preamps are than the H4N, because ultimatley that will be what determines which route I go.. Top Mentioned Manufacturers. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn. Subscribe to our mailing lists. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. If lightweight but sturdy is your priority, the smaller H4n Pro comes in at Whichever size you prefer, both models are supremely portable and come with a handy plastic case.

You can always buy a separate carrying pouch for it if you feel the need to. When it comes to displays, the H4n Pro has a 1. The tilt advantage is evident if you mount the recorder on a camera because the screen is easier to see than the smaller flat screen of the H4n Pro.

Having said that, it would be even better if it had a swivel screen. The addition would make it so much easier to see the screen, as you would be able to adjust the tilt to suit. Additionally, there is no perceptible difference in the audio quality between the two recorders. Neither Zoom recorder has internal storage.

You will probably require extra batteries for the H4n Pro though because it tends to chew through them in under six hours. Formatting the card inside the device itself seems to help with the waiting time, but I figured you might want to know this.

Not only can the H4n Pro be used as a field recorder, but you can also use it as an audio interface for your computer or laptop via a USB cable. But those extra inputs on the H6 contribute greatly to its versatility. What I really love about the H6 is the variety of clip-on capsules you can add to increase its versatility. Perhaps the H6 fares better in those tests? I was hoping the backup-record would work with any input. Thanks Promod, Yes, I thought the battery life was an interesting experiment.

With no Phantom Power and headphones off, you obviously use less electricity. There’s just not enough space available. I felt obliged to cover the many features offered by the Zoom H5. If you begin to lose traction, swim to the edge of the pool and hold on until you get your breath.

Then dive back in. Like the idea of real level knobs instead of menu buttons? The H5 also takes the H6 modules. The H5 and all of the modules have a very solid feel; like professional tools. Metal bars wrap around the input gain controls to prevent them from being tweeked and to prevent them from being damaged in a fall.

Unlike many manuals, the page H5 manual is actually well written and has a good balance of words and diagrams. The audio interface input settings alone require some pondering. Did I mention you should read the manual? There are three compressor and three limiter settings. The only adjustment you have is the input level.

Used without some thought, your tracks will suck mightily. The specs in the manual are great for old schoolers who know what attack, release, ratio and threshold settings do. It has a ratio, a 7.

Much more friendly, but still watch the levels so you don’t munch the audio. Many people like to leave dynamic range control for later. Next time I let the studio limiter just catch the peaks. I saw peak readings around dB, maybe a little higher. The outside of the H5 is simple, but no less powerful than the inside. The output is adjustable from dB mic to 0dB line in 5 dB increments. It allows the H5 to be turned on and off and it also has a HOLD function that locks out all button pushes but the ones on the RCH-5 hardwired remote control.

On the right side are the jack for the hardwired remote, an SD card slot, the menu button and menu navigation control. Obviously designed for right-handed or right thumbed people, the menu navigation controls quickly become natural to use. You push in and navigate with the toggle button and back out with the menu button. Simple and nicely done. On the back is a small speaker, the battery compartment for two AA batteries and a threaded nut for mounting the H5 on a camera stand or camera adapter like the HS1 or MA2.

The HS1 allows the H5 to be mounted on a camera shoe. These accessories are extra. On the face of the H5 is a smallish LCD display that remains backlit for a while. The LCD display is packed with information and status icons. A little homework here will make your experience with the H5 more valuable and productive.

These inputs have minor zipper noise as you change gain from 0 to 7 and back, but none between 7 and If you have older Zoom recorders, or SD cards that were used in older H4 and lower 3, 2, 1 Zoom recorders, the H5 will probably read them.

It will not read H6 files. The manual warns that you should power down before inserting or removing cards to prevent data loss. Underline MAY. Each of these directories has ten folders and audio can be recorded to whatever folder you choose.

But wait! You can rename, normalize, trim and divide files. Instead, a new file will be created. You only get one memo per file. Each time you press the Record button, the previous memo is overwritten. The H5 also supports conversion from. WAV to a variety of MP3 rates from 48 to kbps. Handy if you wanted to record full. WAV files, but needed to export an. MP3 for transcription. When you back out to the directory with the Menu button, you see your new file named the same as the.

WAV file, but with an.


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Zoom h4 vs h5 vs h6 – none: –

Sign Up. My apologies. Just remove them from the recorder and put them in the charger, then set it. Zoom has also released H1n as an upgrade to H1 , which really worth it. That prevents you from accidentally touching or changing your carefully-set audio levels. Handy if you wanted to record full. Has a line out.