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Whats the current version of zoom – none: –

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Mar 30,  · If you are running an older version, download the latest version. This article covers: How to view the desktop client version number; How to view the mobile app version number; How to view the desktop client version number. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client for Windows, macOS, or Linux. Click your profile picture, then Help, and lastly select. Apr 06,  · Zoom is a high-quality video conferencing app that’s great for both business meetings and remote family makes it even better is that you can download Zoom for free.. A free account will get you unlimited meetings per day, no time limits on one-on-one meetings, and a minute limit on group meetings with up to people.. How to . May 23,  · Users can search for and browse Zoom Phone Appliances that have been set up as Shared Offices (common area phones). These appliances appear in the Desk Phones section in the Contacts tab. Conference call. Phone users can seamlessly add more than 3 participants to one call. This feature needs to be enabled by Zoom.

Whats the current version of zoom – none: –

If a malicious Zoom bomber slipped a UNC path to a remote server that he controlled into a Zoom meeting chat, an unwitting participant could click on it. Jin allegedly had help from unnamed co-conspirators who created fake email accounts and Zoom accounts in the names of known Chinese dissidents “to curreht evidence that the hosts of and participants in the meetings to commemorate the Tiananmen Square massacre were адрес страницы terrorist organizations, inciting violence or whats the current version of zoom – none: child pornography. The option to record is not available from mobile devices. Here’s our guide on how to update to Zoom 5.


– Whats the current version of zoom – none:


To entirely disable the ability to pan and zoom the map, two options, gestureHandling and zoomControl , must be included. The map below demonstrates the combination of gestureHandling and zoomControl in the code above. It may be desireable to allow gestures and zoom controls but restrict the map to a particular bounds or a minimum and maximum zoom.

To accomplish this you may set the restriction , minZoom , and maxZoom options. The following code and map demonstrate these options. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. It looks like the viewport code that prevents zooming will be corrected, per the approved update this morning. Rumor has it according to two different Twitter sources that Safari will allow users to override zoom settings on a site, just as you can do in Chrome on Android.

So far, no links to definitive Apple source material have been offered, but I will update when I find them. Of note in Safari on iOS 10 pic. New Safari will allow pinch to zoom even when user-scalable is set to no in viewport a11y. What I am suggesting is that a normative author recommendation be added to the spec to discourage use of these values along with advice on why. And that conformance checkers should flag uses of these values with a warning.

Authors should not suppress or limit the ability of users to resize a document, as this causes accessibility and usability issues. This change guarantees that users can always adjust to a comfortable zoom setting. Accordingly, we have disabled automated text scaling in the browser which previously matched the Ease of Access zoom setting.

This weekend I was alerted that suppressing zoom still works in Android browsers, though not on iOS. Only Samsung Internet keeps its cool and allows zooming. Manuel Matuzovic asks more politely than I did, Please, stop disabling zoom. Thank you! Would you hire an engineer who ignores standards?

An electrician off the street? But the bottom line is exactly what you said. A developer should never decide that one size is close enough for the countless millions of people with low and poor vision.

Accessibility is not an option. Visit sciencedaily. They have 1. They hired someone who knows W3C. Makes sense to me! Why do we feel allowing users to zoom is less important for web apps? Would Photoshop, Illustrator, autoCad, etc.

Answer: you seriously need to disable zooming. That has nothing to do with some low-contrast thin text on a site thanks to a designer who currently has good vision. Web sites and web apps are the same. They run in a browser.

Please enter the meeting password: The meeting requires a password; enter the password provided by the meeting host. If you do not know the password, contact the meeting host for assistance. This meeting does not allow phone dial-in: The host may only have allowed VoIP audio.

In this case, if you dial into the general Zoom teleconferencing number and enter the meeting ID, you will hear the message above and the call will disconnect. You will need to join the meeting with a computer or a smartphone app.

Not meeting host. Back to top I’ve joined my meeting, but no one else is here If you’ve joined a meeting but don’t see other participants: Confirm with the meeting host that the meeting has begun. If it has, ask for the meeting ID at the top of the host’s Zoom window e. If they don’t match, you’ve joined a different meeting. Ask the host for the meeting ID, and join that meeting.

If you’re the host, ensure that you haven’t enabled a waiting room. Install the free Zoom app, click on “New Meeting,” and invite up to people to join you on video! Have a question? Developers can show information here about how their app collects and uses your data. Learn more about data safety No information available. Malfunctions with bluetooth headset.

The update to Zoom 5. More information about updating Zoom Rooms is here opens in new tab. The 5. Two more instances of corrupted Zoom installers were found by Trend Micro researchers. The first opens up a backdoor on a PC; the second spies on the PC’s owner with screenshots, keylogging and webcam hijacking and drafts the PC into the Devil Shadow botnet.

Both installers do install the Zoom software client, so victims may be none the wiser. As always, get your Zoom software straight from the Zoom website at Zoom. Zoom suffered an unexplained outage Sunday, May 17, rendering it unavailable to thousands of users in the U. The outage, which began Sunday morning U. Even the British government’s daily coronavirus briefing opens in new tab was affected, knocking out the ability of journalists to ask questions over Zoom.

Some users reported on Twitter that logging out of Zoom accounts, then logging back in, seemed to solve the issue. Zoom’s status page noted that a backend update had taken place earlier Sunday morning, but there didn’t seem to be any linkage between that update and the outage that began a few hours later. The Zoom status page opens in new tab said at the time that the outages “appear to be limited to a subset of users” and that Zoom was “working to identify the root cause and scope of this issue.

Cybercriminals may have registered hundreds of new Zoom-related website addresses in the past few weeks, according to researchers at Israeli security firm Check Point opens in new tab.

Many of these sites are being used in phishing attacks to grab victims’ Zoom usernames and passwords, and similar scams are leveraging rival video-conferencing platforms such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

Over the weekend, online vandals hijacked the graduation ceremony at Oklahoma City University opens in new tab , replacing the Zoom video feed with racist language and symbols. It wasn’t immediately clear whether this was a result of regular Zoom-bombing or if the attackers used less well-known methods to disrupt the video feed. Zoom announced May 7 opens in new tab that due to its technical-support staff being overwhelmed with calls, it would be able to give personal technical assistance only to “owners and administrators” of paid accounts.

In other words, any user, owner or administrator of a free Zoom account, and end users of paid accounts, won’t be entitled to human help. Instead, they’ll have to rely on the FAQs and how-to’s list on the Zoom online resources opens in new tab page.

For now, this provision applies only to May and June If the coronavirus lockdown last longer than that, Zoom may have to hire more tech-support staffers. New York State Attorney General Letitia James’ office reached an agreement with Zoom opens in new tab May 7 following an investigation into Zoom’s security and privacy practices.

There isn’t a lot of new stuff in the agreement. Most of the stipulations Zoom agreed to are things the company is already doing, including making passwords mandatory and using better encryption.

In the long term, Zoom has to conduct regular code reviews and conduct yearly penetration-testing exercises, in which paid hackers try to break through the company’s defenses. Only two new things will directly affect consumers. It also has to update its Acceptable Use policies to ban “abusive conduct include hatred against others based on race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation.

Frankly, these are longstanding standard policies at many other online companies, so we’re a little surprised that they weren’t already Zoom policies. Yuan announced opens in new tab. The purchase price or other terms of the deal were not disclosed. Keybase makes user-friendly software to easily and securely encrypt messaging and social media posts.

In March, Zoom had to admit that its touted “end-to-end” encryption was not the real thing because Zoom’s own servers are always able to access the contents of meetings. Once Keybase’s technology is incorporated, that will no longer always be the case.

Meeting passwords and waiting rooms will be required by default for all Zoom meetings, free or paid, beginning May 9, Zoom announced. Only hosts will be able to share their screens by default, but like the other settings, that can be changed. Yuan said the massive increase in Zoom usage since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown had been “challenging,” but also provided “opportunities for us to drive meaningful change and improvement.

Yuan admitted that “we failed to set pre-configured security features for our new customers, especially for schools,” referring to meeting passwords and waiting rooms.

That resulted in “uninvited, offensive, and sometimes even truly evil people disrupting meetings,” Yuan wrote. Such a person disrupted a Zoom meeting on sexual violence opens in new tab in the Bay Area last week. Yuan also addressed rumors about his own, and Zoom’s, ties to China. He said he had lived in the U. A reporter for London’s Financial Times resigned after he was caught crashing internal Zoom meetings at rival London newspapers.

Mark Di Stefano announced his resignation on Twitter opens in new tab after The Independent opens in new tab documented how Di Stefano had last week joined an Independent staff meeting regarding pay cuts and furloughs, first under his own name, then anonymously. Di Stefano cited his sources as “people on the call,” The Independent said. The Independent also found that Di Stefano’s cellphone had earlier been used to access a Zoom meeting at the Evening Standard, another London newspaper.

That meeting was followed by a Financial Times piece about Evening Standard furloughs and pay cuts. Zoom isn’t the only video-conferencing platform to have questionable privacy policies, Consumer Reports opens in new tab said in a blog post: Cisco Webex, Microsoft’s Teams and Skype, and Google’s Duo, Meet and Hangouts do too.

Consumer Reports said you should know that everything in a video meeting may be recorded, either by the host or another participant. It also recommended dialing into video-conference meetings over the phone, not creating accounts with the services if possible, and using “burner” email addresses otherwise.

After prodding from reporters at The Verge opens in new tab , Zoom admitted that it did not in fact have a recent peak of million daily users, as stated in a blog post last week. Rather, Zoom had a peak of million daily “participants. Researchers at Trend Micro spotted another Zoom installer file that had been corrupted with malware.

In this case, it’s spyware that can turn on the webcam, take screenshots and log keystrkes, as well as collecting diagnostic data about the system it’s running on. It also installs a fully working version of the Zoom desktop client. You don’t need to install any software on your desktop to run Zoom. Zoom is a prime target for foreign spies, especially Chinese intelligence operatives, the Department of Homeland Security has warned U.

Foreign spies would be interested in any internet-based communications medium that saw such a steep increase in growth. But the DHS report singled out China as a likely meddler in Zoom security because Zoom has a substantial number of staffers in that country. However, Zoom in the past week has given paid meeting hosts the option of avoiding Zoom servers in specific regions, including China and North America. Unpaid Zoom hosts will by default use only servers in their home regions.

A new report from Mozilla , the non-profit maker of the Firefox web browser, says that Zoom’s privacy and security policies and practices are better than those of Apple FaceTime. FaceTime got only 4.

A new Zoom phishing scam is sure to get the attention of anyone working from home during the coronavirus lockdown. It seems to come from your employer’s HR department, and invites you to join a Zoom meeting starting in a few minutes to discuss possible termination of your employment.

If you click on the link in the email to join the meeting, you’re taken to a very real-looking Zoom login page. It’s fake. If you enter your credentials, then the crooks can take over your Zoom account.

Zoom has finally updated its meeting-client software to version 5. Here’s our guide on how to update to Zoom 5.

The update is not yet available for iOS, as Apple has to vet the software before the new version of the app can be pushed out. We also couldn’t see in the Google Play app store as of Monday afternoon Eastern time April 27 , but odds are it will appear soon. No other company may have benefited more from the stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus crisis. To put that in perspective, daily usage peaked at million people per day in March, the company said on April 1 opens in new tab.

In December , Zoom usage peaked at 10 million daily users. The new version will include many of the security fixes we’ve recently seen for the Zoom web interface, including the abilities to kick out Zoom bombers from meetings, make sure meeting data doesn’t go through China, and put everyone waiting for a meeting in a “waiting room.

We checked the Zoom changelogs opens in new tab and discovered that the update won’t be available until Sunday, April Cisco Talos researchers said Zoom’s meeting chat function made it too easy for outsiders to find all Zoom users in an particular organization.

If you had a valid Zoom account, Cisco Talos explained in a blog post opens in new tab , you could pretend that you worked at any organization and get the full names and chat IDs of every registered Zoom user whose email address used that organization’s email domain.

You would not have to verify that you worked there, and you wouldn’t even need to be in a Zoom meeting to get the information. That information “could be leveraged to disclose further contact information including the user’s email address, phone number and any other information that is present in their vCard,” or digital business card, Cisco Talos wrote. In a blog post opens in new tab April 20, Zoom said the option of excluding certain countries from call routing was now live.

This will let Zoom meeting administrators avoid having meeting data routed through Zoom servers in China, the U. New updates to the Zoom platform opens in new tab for the web interface rolled out April 19 include masking some participant personal information, such as email addresses or phone numbers, during meetings.

Another change is that users who share the same email domain will no longer be able to search for each other by name. The New York Times opens in new tab reported that Dropbox executives were so concerned about security flaws in Zoom that in Dropbox created its own secret bug-bounty program for Zoom flaws. In other words, Dropbox would pay hackers for security vulnerabilities they found in Zoom.


Whats the current version of zoom – none:


It is the responsibility of user to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, opinion, advice or other content. This issue could be used in a more sophisticated attack to trick an unsuspecting users client to connect to a malicious server when attempting to use Zoom services. The Zoom Client for Meetings for Windows before version 5. This issue could be used in a more sophisticated attack to trick a user into downgrading their Zoom client to a less secure version.

This issue could be used in a more sophisticated attack to send an unsuspecting users Zoom-scoped session cookies to a non-Zoom domain. This could potentially allow for spoofing of a Zoom user.

This can allow a malicious user to break out of the current XMPP message context and create a new message context to have the receiving users client perform a variety of actions. This issue could be used in a more sophisticated attack to forge XMPP messages from the server. The Zoom Client for Meetings for Windows prior to version 5. The Zoom Client for Meetings chat functionality was susceptible to Zip bombing attacks in the following product versions: Android before version 5.

This could lead to availability issues on the client host by exhausting system resources. This issue could be used to potentially gain insight into arbitrary areas of the product’s memory.

This can potentially allow a malicious actor to crash the service or application, or leverage this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code. The Zoom Client for Meetings for Windows installer before version 5.

This could allow meeting participants to be targeted for social engineering attacks. This could lead to a crash of the login service. For example, someone simply wanting to talk to a handful of people on a casual basis may find a free option is the most practical and cost-effective while providing all of the necessary tools that would be required.

However, if you’re planning to use a Zoom alternative for professional or business videoconferencing, especially with a large number of people and on a regular basis, then you will probably want to look to the higher-end options for the more advanced tools that are included.

We’ve also featured the best webinar software opens in new tab. Anna is a freelance copywriter with extensive knowledge on the technology sector. She writes about a variety of topics for TechRadar including web hosting, website builders and cybersecurity. She also has a knack for writing deals, guides and versus articles.

Tech Radar. North America. Reasons to avoid – Zoom allows for larger group calls. Cisco Webex. Reasons to avoid – Many features are paywalled. Google Meet. Best if you need a video-chat tool that’s free, easy to use, and accessible.

Reasons to avoid – Fewer business features than other tools. Microsoft Teams. You can try them after when Windows 10 support is ended. In general, I recommend you use the latest Windows version so that you can use new features and fix some bugs. Do you have the latest Windows version?

You should check that first. Here is the guide:. This allows you to login to most form based secured web sites. Faster and uses less memory than previous HTTP engine. Improved performance in offline indexing : plugin supported file format indexing is much faster than before, particularly for larger files.

Improved spelling suggestions for words with more than 3 syllables. Download latest Windows version Version 8. Added thread information in debug index log. Version 8. Fixed bug with FTP upload menu shortcut Version 8. Fixed bugs relating to the following error messages: ‘Error: 7z. Fixed crash bug when importing synonyms, categories and recommended links. Fixed crash bug when indexing smaler binary files in multiple threads. Fixed index corruption bug when custom meta field text type is longer than characters.

Fixed indexing speed when indexing video files. Fixed issues with indexing GPS information from image files. Fixed PHP bug with recommended links when searching with wildcards. Fixed bugs with exiftool timeout and plugin temp files not being removed Improved speed of large binary file string extraction Fixed crash bug with indexing MP3 files and extracting from id3v2.

Fixed bugs with indexing emails. Fixed ‘invalid log’ bug in reports. Fixed bug with indexing unrecognizable file types as plain text causing too many unique words Fixed bug with indexing MBOX files twice when. MSF file encountered with multi-threaded indexing. It is now disallowed as prefix for words.

Added handling for. This allows you to immediately test your login details and see the HTML response from the server. Fixed bug with search. Fixed crash bug when copying Log to clipboard. More information here. Note that you can still index ASP. Download latest Linux version Version 7. Fixed crash bug with start point URLs that are not percent encoded.