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Demandbase intent data delivers the one-two punch of high accuracy and keyword granularity.

– Compare Demandbase vs ZoomInfo for account-based GTM

ZoomInfo combines the world’s most comprehensive business database with With the scoops, intent you can go beyond just contact info and customize your. ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. will consolidate ZoomInfo OpCo through ZoomInfo HoldCo on its consolidated financial statements and record a non-controlling interest.


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If you think about the last major purchase or even decision that you made, you can quickly and easily identify that point that separates pre-intent actions from post-intent ones. Start with strong engagement add intent and then mix in some fit. With that you have a high probability sale, but all sales are not the same. The order of ingredients will also directly impact the type of sale you are making:. If the buyer has reached the intent threshold, they most likely think they know what they need or, at least, know how to figure it out.

In that case, they might as well manage their own journey and minimize the time and hassle of dealing with valueless sales interactions. Of course, this is also true if you focus on pre-intent scenarios. If your company is not good at it, the bulk of the leads you deal with are likely to be high-intent leads. If you’re not really getting the conversation started or you’re not good at getting people into the funnel, the prospect has to do the work to get things started with you.

When a business is small or just starting out, your sales efforts naturally impact high-intent targets first. So, they start generating leads, and boy, have inbound marketing and demand generation generated leads. Thousands even hundreds of thousands of leads have been generated.

Databases are overflowing with names. The top of the funnel is bulging with leads. Sure, sales are increasing incrementally but costs are accelerating much faster than top-line revenue, and everyone is working harder than ever before to keep up with everything. What happened? Where did we go wrong? Is the promise of inbound marketing and demand generation just a lie told to us by evil tech companies, consultants and marketing agencies?

That is to say, with the right suite of tools , your team will be able to close more deals faster and with less data entry. Sales intelligence involves gathering and analyzing information about prospective customers. As a result, sales reps can keep their pipelines filled with high-quality leads that are likely to close. While a sales rep could do this manually by collecting data from social media, news outlets, lead capture pages , and company websites, in reality, the process is too time-consuming for this approach to be feasible.

These tools automate the collection and interpretation of data, helping reps to:. The main selling point for sales intelligence is its ability to streamline your workflow, therefore saving your team time and energy.

LeadBoxer helps you identify, track, and prioritize leads with ease. ZoomInfo keeps your lead database up-to-date with the most relevant and actionable details. Pricing: Contact ZoomInfo to find the right plan at the right price for your needs. LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you find new leads and offers a ton of insight, for example, who they are and what makes them tick.

EverString uses a combination of artificial intelligence AI and human intelligence to monitor companies and give you the most comprehensive view of their current situation. As a result, making this a comprehensive solution for businesses on a tight budget. Much like ZoomInfo, Clearbit for sales is a contact database that updates your records with a range of insights. Adapt is one of the more lightweight and inexpensive tools on this list.

However, it also offers limited features. This path is not exactly groundbreaking, but then again neither is disciplined response time on inbound lead follow-up. And believe it or not, something simple like prioritizing people and their development is truly an investment in partnership that pays recurring dividends—for both parties.

Contrast that with other software companies that have to actually go out and buy this talent. These hires can take as much as six quarters to fully map. Your process can and should overcome location bias. I think it can help your business. The second requirement is huge. But as was the case with lead response time and our talent development processes, none of what I am about to describe is earth shattering.

Just obvious—and automated. For example, say a VP of sales or marketing who uses ZoomInfo leaves to work for a new company. We take that record from the data lake, and then we pick it up and move it forward. The SDRs know who to call and when to call them, and they even receive a targeted message about why they should be calling. What does this all mean?


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Anyone who has ever been involved in attracting or acquiring new customers knows that buyer intent is an important ingredient in the customer acquisition recipe. Is the promise of inbound marketing and demand generation just a lie told to us by evil tech companies, consultants and marketing agencies? Data Integrity. Integrations Plug-and-play with leading technologies.