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If you have created a free Zoom account in the past using your University of Arizona email you will need to visit , click Sign In, and. If you don’t have the access to multiple Zoom accounts, you can create simultaneous meetings/webinars with one account. However, on Zoom, one user license can.

Zoom Setup Guide – Whova.

Each account can start a livestream separately without any problems. For detailed guides from Zoom, visit the Zoom Help Center. If you have a departmental Zoom account that uses your Pitt email address, you likely sign into it using a web address in the form of pittdept. Yes, both you and your client use the same link to join the Zoom meeting.


Connect HubSpot and Zoom


Zoom enables the creation of organizations by linking multiple accounts. Connecting the two sets of accounts makes them possible to search contacts, chat, set up meetings, and make phone calls if the Zoom Phone application is installed. The Zoom platform also supports registering multiple accounts using different email addresses similar to many other services. Is this possible for I can only have 5 Zoom users? An account with an unlimited number of Zoom licenses will allow 5 users to exist on it.

Zoom lets you add up to a thousand free users that count under your license, not just the ones you have authorized. Using Zoom on a single computer, tablet, and phone is possible. When using Zoom on a separate device, the user loses his or her active time for that device.

Just click on the Zoom desktop client button. Zoom will start up when the join URL is paste into the web browser. Add users to your account by clicking Add Users. The user information must be entered. The email address of the user is required. In order to enter multiple email addresses in the same order using the same settings, you can use commas to separate each email address.

Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. Go into your existing account and log out. In the upper-right corner, sign up for free. Please enter your date of birth as a check if you have been set as a minimum age. Fill in the email address you will be associated with this additional account.

By signing in to the Zoom web portal, you will be able to access the entire web site. Select User Management from the dropdown menu. Create a new account by clicking Add Users on the account menu. Click Add. Get Zoom desktop client by entering your information. Go to the top-right of your profile picture. You must first click Sign Out or Switch Account before logging out. Click Sign In. You can access Zoom on your mobile device by signing in.

Tap Settings. Tap your name. You need to tap Sign Out followed by Yes to confirm your account. In order to sign in, you will need your corporate email address or your Zoom email when you registered to sign in. Can I Have 2 Zoom Accounts? Previous post. Next post. All rights reserved.


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Log In Search. Skip to content. Home Top Questions Contact Us. Search Toggle search interface Menu Toggle extended navigation. This page covers everything you need to start using UCI Zoom today.

Please note that in cases where Classroom Technologies schedules webinars on your behalf for a large class, the Canvas import option will not be available for those webinar sessions. Instead, instructors are encouraged to provide the webinar links as Canvas calendar events or elsewhere within their Canvas course space content.

Then return to Zoom on Canvas and use the import feature to add the meeting to your class. Please note if you record an imported meeting to the cloud, the Zoom cloud recording will not be associated with Zoom on Canvas. In this case, instructors are advised to provide the recording link to students through other means e.

Search Search Site. Creating simultaneous sessions While you can add an unlimited number of simultaneous sessions in Whova, you need to purchase additional licenses from Zoom in order to stream them all at the same time.

Here are the steps: Go to the billing page and edit your plan. Change the number of licenses and place the order. Recommended webinar settings Always set a passcode or use the auto-generated one to help avoid Zoom-bombers. You can always start the video any time. For the interactions, Whova supports both Zoom and Whova interactions. But sometimes it can be confusing for the attendees if both are enabled.

Integrating the session into Whova Sign into Whova and access the Agenda tab on the left-hand side under Event Content. From there, choose Session Manager. Find the session you want to add the Zoom link, click the pencil icon to edit it.

Click Save Agenda. Connect Zoom account to directly create Zoom meetings in Whova Now you can directly create Zoom meetings and webinars in Whova. On the dashboard, click Adv. Stream Integration on the side menu, and click Connect your Zoom account on the page Log in to your Zoom account on the popup dialogue, and click Pre-approve and Authorize.

After authorization, click Create Zoom meeting button on the screen, select your account, and choose whether you want to create a meeting or a webinar. If you want to create a Zoom webinar, please make sure that you have purchased the webinar addon from Zoom. If you already have some meetings created in Zoom, you can click Import Zoom meetings to import existing meetings. Fill in the settings page the same as when you create on Zoom.

Please make sure you have a meaningful name to the Topic field — later when you connect the meeting to the session, you can use this name to find the meeting instead of the meaningless meeting IDs. Click Create to create the meeting. You cannot connect multiple Zoom accounts to one HubSpot account, but multiple users in a single corporate Zoom account can use the integration once it is connected. Ensure your Zoom account meets the prerequisites as stated by Zoom.

Install the Zoom integration Marketplace icon marketplace in the main navigation bar, then select App Marketplace. Marketplace icon marketplace in the main navigation bar, then select App Marketplace. Click Install app. In the dialog box, enter your Zoom login credentials, then click Sign in. You’ll be prompted to grant permission for Zoom for HubSpot to access your Zoom account.

Click Allow. Click Zoom to link an individual Zoom user account and configure new contact exclusions. Link your individual Zoom account You can link your Zoom user account to HubSpot after the integration has been installed by your account administrator. Marketplace icon marketplace in the main navigation bar.

Under Manage , select Connected apps. Click the User accounts tab. Click Link an account. In the right panel, click the Zoom user account dropdown menu to search for your Zoom account.