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3 Easy Steps to a Dual Monitor Setup in Windows 10.

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In most cases, you should see your MacBook’s screen either extended or mirrored on the second monitor. Click Multiple Displays. Cookie Settings. If you’re using Windows 10, it’ll be the computer icon in the Settings window. If you want to use your second monitor as your only monitor while your MacBook’s lid is closed, you’ll need a mouse and keyboard that work with your Mac. It is such a waste to let the laptop’s external display output function and the monitor’s video input function remain dormant, so we would like them to be put to effective use. In this case, if the image is edited on the external LCD with its high color reproducibility and the many tool palettes in the application are grouped in the laptop’s built-in LCD, there is less need to display or hide the tool palettes or to switch back and forth, and the image data to be edited can be displayed in a large form, making for more efficient work.


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