For more help on finding a remote job, be sure to check out this guide next. Don’t get discouraged or overwhelmed by making this portfolio perfect. Just getting the information out there may be enough to show employers you’ve put in the effort before and you’ll do it again. When you spend time on each of these equally, you’ll create the total package employers will fight over. Now make sure these are front and center on both your resume and cover letter. These seemingly arbitrary measures are there for a reason; it’s an easy way for employers to find out which candidates will pay attention and follow instructions as an employee.

Be picky about what you decide to include in your cover letter. If the template suggests adding a particular piece of information that you find irrelevant to the job, don’t include it. Another incorrect way to use a cover letter template is to choose the very first template you come across. However, your goal when searching for the correct template is to find one that fits both your work experience and the job you are applying for seamlessly. Here at Jobscan, we spend a lot of time talking about resumes. Just like there are with resume templates, there are also right and wrong ways to use cover letter templates. Though it is necessary for any candidate looking for a job, the format of cover letter will differ accordingly.

  • The cover letter template above, written by HubSpot, is specifically designed for entry-level applicants.
  • The easiest way to do so is by adding several relevant examples of how you applied these skills at your past job.
  • Just remember, never send the same exact cover letter for different jobs you apply to.
  • Or, better yet, have a fresh set of eyes proofread for you.

While this two-step method takes longer, it’ll likely boost your odds of securing a full-time remote work arrangement that you can stick with permanently. Once you begin working remotely, make sure your productivity is HIGHER than normal. Show them beyond any doubt that you can work effectively even when not in the office. I believe that working remotely would allow me to be more productive and focused for you, and I’d be able to work more hours as well since I wouldn’t be commuting each day. With this gradual approach, you would write an email request to start a dialogue and then continue the conversation in person or over the phone.

Graphic Designer

Here’s what to include in a remote job cover letter to show you’d make a great candidate.Read More… Read our step-by-step instructions for writing the perfect virtual assistant cover letter. I recently learned about the entry-level customer service position available at ABC Company.

  • The cover letter acts as a formal outlay to your detailed resume.
  • If you have anything on your resume that you think could be a red flag for a hiring manager, such as employment gaps or unique work history, it can also be a good idea to provide clarification.
  • The content of my studies as well as the field of interest within the framework of my master thesis has prepared me best to fill this position.
  • You have the skills and we have tricks on how to find amazing jobs.
  • Or, your partner might be being transferred to a new city by their company, and you require finding employment in the area.

Cover letters can hold different levels of importance to an employer depending on the industry you’re in and the job you’re applying for. If you do plan to write a cover letter, keep in mind there are certain qualities it should have that are not included in the definition above. Below is a rewrite of Suzy’s customer service cover letter that resolves the mistakes of the above version. The fourth sentence of her cover letter contains two grammatical errors. Customer service representatives need good grammar, so this blunder isn’t going to go over well with the hiring manager. Suzy should have someone read her cover letter before it’s sent out if grammar isn’t her strong suit.

How Do You Format A Virtual Assistant Cover Letter?

Using a generic “one-size-fits-all” cover letter — especially if you forget to change the name of the company — will also hurt your chances of landing an interview. The truth is, you can’t really predict on a case-by-case basis — and you’re better safe than sorry. For the most part, having a cover letter will give you an upper hand in ways your resume doesn’t. Work on creating a digital portfolio today and follow the steps in this guide each time you come across a new remote position you want to apply for. We’ll show you exactly how to tailor your application so you can land the remote job you’ve been eyeing in just five simple steps.

  • Review the job description and note any requirements you have or responsibilities that you have successfully managed in the past.
  • The truth is, you can’t really predict on a case-by-case basis — and you’re better safe than sorry.
  • I’m really excited about Hooli’s mission to change the world and I’m passionate about your tech stack that includes Python, Java, React, and Scala.

Introduce where you found the position and mention the specific job you’re applying for. Your cover letter and resume are necessary for hiring managers, but your digital presence, or portfolio, is what’s really going to help you get noticed in a crowded market. Employers will often include specific instructions for cover letters, follow them to a T.

Personal Assistant Cover Letter

One of the incorrect ways of using a cover letter template is to simply rephrase exactly what your resume says. The purpose of a resume is to pull out the most important parts of your work and educational history, sharing only brief, measurable information about each part. Your cover letter builds on your resume, it does not mirror it. The cover letter template above is perfect for entry- and mid-level marketers who want to show a little extra professionalism in their opening note to a potential employer. Don’t let the logo space on the top-right of the page confuse you. This can be the logo of the company to which you’re applying — to quickly get the attention of the recruiter — or your own logo. Perhaps you freelance on the side or simply like branding yourself.

  • My background and proven commitment to creating strong customer relationships make me an ideal candidate for this position.
  • It proves that you have an idea of the freelancer environment, scheduling, and reporting features.
  • Use this paragraph to show you’re genuinely excited and interested in the position.

As it looks right now, this cover letter contains about half photo, half text. Feel free to shrink the image to give yourself more room to tell your story. Of course, a nice washed-out image that expresses who you are can be part of that story … By combining all the elements to a cover letter, this is a great example to use for inspiration. You are excited and knowledgeable about the company you are applying to. Suzy states the reason she wants to leave her current position is because she doesn’t want to switch to a new software program. No one wants to hire an employee who is resistant to change.

Working from home requires different skills, as you’ll need to have a heightened sense of self-motivation, autonomy, and time management, among other things. Make sure you discuss the ways in which you’ve acclimated to remote work over your career and the ways in which you’re equipped to thrive in a virtual workplace. A cover letter is a brief note that you write to a hiring manager or recruiter to go along with your resume and other application materials. Done well, a cover letter gives you the chance to speak directly to how your skills and experience line up with the specific job you’re pursuing.

Reiterate How You’ll Add Value

It’s something you can and should do on your resume, but don’t stop there. Take advantage of your cover letter to highlight even more of your remote work skills. No matter which WFH or remote job you’re applying to, a great cover letter will set you apart from the other candidates. Discover steps and advice for writing an effective cover letter when applying to a remote job, along with a template and example letter to help you get started.Read More… Research who the hiring manager is and address your cover letter to them personally. This shows your interest in the role and ability to perform research.

cover letter template for remote position

Here, simply list a few key reasons in one sentence to set up the rest of your letter. Keep in mind that the recruiter may cross-reference your cover letter with your resume, so make sure the two sync up. Your Unique Selling Proposition tells the hiring manager why you. This is the information you need to highlight in your cover letter’s bullet points that constitute the most important part of your cover letter.

Your Personality

Notice how the writer includes references to important marketing metrics and terminology. If you’re applying to a data-driven role, you might not want to fill the page with a story of your experience in paragraph form, like Template 1 does at the beginning of this article. Instead, consider highlighting three of your successes that you believe the hiring manager would resonate most with, in bulleted form.

cover letter template for remote position

Cover letter templates hold most of their value in their structure. One of the trickiest parts of writing a cover letter is just figuring out what goes where. Use a template to help you set up your paragraphs and sections. The content and headings within each section will vary from person to person.

Secondly, it provides space for you to highlight your WFH-relevant experience. It’s a myth that cover letter for remote position not everyone can work remotely but that doesn’t mean that remote work skills aren’t important.

In any case, the selection of templates in our editor will meet any expectations. As you apply for jobs, use the following steps to write a cover letter that gets you the job you want.Read More… Rejoining the workforce after taking a break to stay home with your kids? Here’s how to write the perfect cover letter—plus a sample.Read More… Cover Letter Templates Cover letter designs that match your resume. Cover Letter Examples Cover letter samples from real people who got hired.

Here’s how I think I could help if you hired me as a remote software engineer. I know that Hooli has been interested in buying Pied Piper for a number of years but the team is not interested. I also know that being able to cut down on the file sizes of videos would dramatically improve Hooli’s profit margins. I would like to leverage my unique skills and past experience to help.

cover letter template for remote position

Time management allows me to follow pre-agreed deadlines and prevent delays in urgent and long-term tasks. Multitasking helps me work on several articles at the same time without compromising the quality of each of them.

Each company has different procedures and expectations when it comes to email communication and email subject lines, so if in doubt, follow your company’s internal guidelines. Still, a manager will appreciate you being up-front and discussing this in person with them, so weigh the pros and cons of each option as you decide how to submit your request. Perhaps you feel you’ll be more effective and organized in making your arguments through writing. In this case, it’s wise to craft an email outlining all of the reasons you’d like to work from home.

Don’t hesitate to spend a lot of time writing and editing it. Or, ask a friend or family member to read it over and give you feedback. If the recruiter does end up reading it, you’ll be thankful you did. No matter your experience, the template above will help you decide what skills you want to highlight and flesh out in your cover letter. When you only have a few years experience, it’s important to display how you gained your skills and what you learned from your education or internships.

This is one of the best steps to ensure a hiring manager or recruiter calls you first out of the stack of applicants they receive. It also helps your resume pass the automatic parsing round. Don’t ever include information about why you left or are leaving your current or previous position. This is territory best traveled during an interview, not a cover letter. Although it’s been several years since I’ve been in the workforce, I’ve used my time as a stay-at-home parent to keep active in my community. My customer service skills have been put to good use as a volunteer coordinator for my local PTA.

A virtual assistant cover letter should summarize your experience and skills as well as explain your motivation for wanting to work for the company. Another area where you can highlight your desire to work remotely includes your professional summary. This is where you set your intent as a job applicant — and it’s the perfect spot to mention your desire and ability to work remotely. Also, if you’ve previously held remote positions, call those out in your work experience section by listing “remote” in place of the company’s location. Your letter template will be your guide to writing your personalized cover letter. The correct way to use a cover letter template is to not copy the content in the sections exactly. Rather, determine which sections and information make the most sense for you and the job your are applying for, and mold your cover letter to fit that information.

In fact, for my own startup I’ve been able to get close to their levels of video compression. I’ve been working from home for the last few years so I believe I have all the remote work skills required to work remotely for Hooli. Do your best to stay on topic and only include information that is relevant to the job you’re applying for. If you can, ask a friend or colleague to read over it to make sure you’ve accurately explained your value. Your cover letter will have the most impact if you use the hiring manager’s name.