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How to turn off Zoom chat notifications and alerts? | .How to Turn Off Microsoft Outlook Desktop Notifications

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When entering a meeting or giving a presentation, all these alerts are not so nice to have anymore. When you are using the Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise edition of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, you can put your laptop into Presentation Mode which suppresses all notifications.

Presentation Mode is only available on laptops and tablets and not on the Desktop. However, by adding 2 values to the Registry, you can use it on your Desktop as well.

Windows 10 including the Home Edition also has an option to automatically hide alerts when presenting but this only works for Outlook and Outlook and not any previous Outlook version on Windows If you are using a previous version of Outlook or Windows or like to control more settings at once when you are going to present, then you can use Presentation Mode. Presentation Mode settings.

As mentioned, Presentation Mode is disabled on Desktop computers. It is also a bummer specially when i participate in video meetings. Is there some magic setting that i can use to automatically mute these annoying banners from Zoom which pop up in the bottom right hand side of my Windows desktop? Any help is very appreciated. Note: If you would like to stop alerts from noisy Zoom channels, but you want to keep receiving notifications from others, you can define exceptions by hitting the Channels… button.

More on that in the next section. Use the procedure outlined above to dismiss all alerts in one shot. An alternative way to regulate the noise level from each group is available from the Chats section in Zoom. We were also asked how to avoid desktop alerts from Zoom. There is a little know switch that does the trick:.

Note: Zoom settings are pretty consistent for the different platforms, so everything we explained is completely relevant if you are using the macOS, iOs or Android Zoom app.



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