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Previous menu Toggle navigation. Skip to content Skip to navigation. You are here: Home Learning technologies Zoom How-to Add Zoom waiting rooms Add Zoom waiting rooms The Waiting room feature allows the host to control when a participant joins the meeting.

Under the security settings, switch the slider to blue for Waiting room. This will enable waiting rooms for newly scheduled meetings by default. Turning on the Waiting room setting will reveal more options. You can choose which participants are placed in the waiting room: Everyone Users not in your contacts Users who are not in your contacts and not part of the Monash domain. Note: You can manage your contacts in the Zoom desktop application.

You can also choose to customise the title, logo and description of your waiting room screen by clicking the pencil edit icon. You can temporarily turn on the Waiting room setting to customise your waiting room screen, then turn the setting off if you wish to have a custom Waiting Room screen but do not want to make waiting rooms default for your Zoom meetings.

You can enable the waiting room for a new or existing meeting from the meeting options settings: To schedule a new meeting, click Schedule a New Meeting.

To edit an existing Zoom meeting, click on the name of your Zoom meeting and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Edit this meeting. In the Meeting Options, tick the Enable waiting room checkbox. Then click Save. Using Waiting rooms during the Zoom meeting If you have enabled the waiting room during a meeting, when an attendee enters the meeting, you will receive a notification. One thing to note is the “Only authenticated users can join” setting.

This setting cannot be disabled and requires users to have a Zoom account either an EID account or Non-EID account to join a meeting hosted on the utexas main Zoom tenant. This was set to ensure maximum security for all meetings. Read the matrix below to determine which Waiting Room setting option works best for your needs. See below to configure your Waiting Room setting.

Recommended for: Advising and Office Hours. You can admit one participant or more at a time from the Waiting Room to meet with you. Sign in to Zoom Guest Any user signed in to a Zoom account allowed. Should be used when non-EID accounts guests will be joining your meeting.

Recommended for: Advising guests non-EID accounts. All participants EID accounts and non-EID accounts will be placed in the waiting room and can be admitted by the host. If the setting is disabled, click the Status toggle to enable it. If a verification dialog displays, choose Turn On to verify the change.

Users who are not in your account and not part of the allowed list : This setting is the default.



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webinar without allowing attendees to join until everything is set up and ready for the event to start o Host will have a. Broadcast. button on their screen only; once ready host clicks broadcast and all attendees waiting in the waiting room will automatically enter the Zoom o. Note: Waiting room in Zoom webinar does NOT allow any slide show or music. May 20,  · If you are an INDIVIDUAL USER, these are the steps you have to follow: Log into your administrator account on Zoom. Remain on the Meeting tab after clicking the “Settings” button on the left menu. Scroll down to the In Meeting . Second, you can select to automatically approve anyone who has registered for the webinar and Zoom provides them a confirmation email. Third, you may manually approve attendees before Zoom sends out a confirmation email. When setting up your event’s registration, you can add your brand logo to the registration page and the emails that get.