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Zoom allows you to assign privileges to your colleagues so they can schedule, start, or co-host meetings for or with you. This is useful if you need help with meeting administration or facilitation. You can give a UTS colleague permission to schedule, manage, and start meetings on your behalf by giving them scheduler privilege. Enter the UTS email address of the colleague s you want to give scheduler privilege to.

As you start typing, email addresses, you’ll see suggested email addresses below. To add more than one Alternative Host, separate their email addresses by commas or click on their email addresses from the suggestions and they become separate “cards. If the user is an affiliate in Peoplesoft or not a licensed user, you can elevate them from Participant to Co-Host during the meeting.

You cannot add them as an alternative host before the meeting takes place. If the user is indeed a licensed user but you cannot find them in the Alternative Host field, ask the user to authenticate into the Zoom Web Portal stonybrook.

In Google Calendar When you Add Zoom Conferencing to a Calendar invitation, by default, you are the host of the Zoom meeting and no one can enter the meeting unless you have joined unless join before host is selected. To work around this, meeting organizers can: Elevate Participants to Hosts during the live meeting Learn more Add Alternative Hosts , from within stonybrook.

This option allows you to set up the meeting ahead of time but the person s you designate as Alternative hosts to also be able to start the meeting. When a meeting is scheduled in the Zoom integration in Canvas, the following users are automatically added to Zoom meetings as alternate hosts when the meetings are created in the LTI:. Automating the addition of alternative hosts reduces the work for course instructors who schedule course meetings.

Since alt-hosts are added automatically, the option to add or delete them manually to a meeting is disabled. Who can serve as alternative hosts? Click Continue once you have selected your other options. Select the invitation recipients, save or send the meeting invitation, and then click Continue. All Zoom Category Go to top.



How to Assign an Alternative Host or Co-Host to a Zoom Meeting | ASU’s Learning Management System.

Purpose: Zoom allows hosts to assign alternative hosts when scheduling a meeting or appoint a participant in a meeting as a co-host. that they’ve been added as an alternative host, with a link to start the meeting. To add an Alternative Host from the Zoom app: 1. Click Schedule. Adding Alternative Hosts from the Zoom Web Portal Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in the email address of the internal (@stonybrook.


How do I add an attendee as an alternate host? – Information Technology.

We’ll be in touch shortly. You can give a UTS colleague permission to schedule, manage, and start meetings on your behalf by giving them scheduler privilege.